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From DR lisa fraser

By December 18, 2021April 14th, 2022No Comments

With the transition to the ‘living with covid’ phase of the federal governments’ COVID19 management plan, and the plan to reunite families, and the expected increase in COVID19 in the community, the procedures for moving around the community and seeking medical care have changed.

When unwell, ALL people MUST get a covid test immediately. Common symptoms that community often don’t realise are included include flare ups of asthma, sinus, COPD, and bronchiectasis. COVID19 tests are free for symptomatic patients, children and babies, and available at Gordonvale, Woree and Cairns (SNP without a form at time of writing and Queensland Health).

Get your vaccination. It is safe and effective. The science is good. If you are having difficulties with these changes, do not take your frustrations out on healthcare staff, they are just doing their job. There are behaviour policies and people who are aggressive will be asked to leave and not served. Attracting and maintaining healthcare staff depends on community’s behaviour.

To see a doctor, your test must be negative. You may be asked to provide evidence. If your test is not yet back, your appointment will be by telephone. Test results are being processed quickly now, most are same day.

Children will commence vaccination from 10 January with a lower dose, 8 weeks apart. International data analysis from 5 million children in America has not identified any safety signals regarding myocarditis or pericarditis.

Another announcement,
Dr Peter Michael retired from Gordonvale Family Medical Centre after 30 years of service. We thank him more than words can say. We support patients as they make the difficult transition to a new GP.