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Top tips from DR lisa

By September 9, 2021April 14th, 2022No Comments

Dr Lisa Fraser from Gordonvale Family Medical Centre has some health tips based on her experiences and observations from living in Gordonvale and working as a local GP.

Thank you and well done

  • to those who have come forward for vaccination, including aged care workers; from August 9th, 12–15year-olds will be eligible,
  • vaccination rates are around 26%, as Pfizer roll out continues, we hope that will improve,
  • to those who are working on their diabetes, coming for reviews and seeing their sugars improve,
  • to those people who are coming for their health assessments, preventing falls and staying in their own home for longer.

Top Tips

  • People attacked by dogs come through the clinic weekly. Ensure proper fencing and careful breed choice. Report stray dogs to Council. Stray dogs prevent people from exercising freely.
  • High skin cancer rates- be a leader, wear sunscreen (can actually reverse dense solar keratosis disease) sleeves and a hat.
  • Improving our driving behaviour saves the lives of our fellow community members.
  • Swim for your well-being, Gordonvale Pool has a cover. How lucky we are; and have you seen the bathroom renovations and hot showers!